Mini Skirt DIY

mini skirt diy

Here’s a quick DIY tip from me to you. Find some stretchy, preferably knit, fabric and make a miniskirt without any pattern in mere hours!

-You’ll need two pieces of stretchy fabric. The two pieces should be wide enough to go over your hip when pinned together and long enough to get about 5 cm, or two inches, of seam allowance for the waist and hem. I pinned the two pieces together inside out and put them on. Pinned the whole thing to fit me and (carefully) slipped it off. Evened out the sides to get the same curve on both and quickly stitched the pieces together.

-I put on the skirt again just to check if the fit was good, and tight, enough.

– Sewed the pieces together on my machine with the overlock stretch stitch (any stretch stitch will work). The waist and hem folds I loosely stitched by hand because I figured they had to be able to stretch the most. Here’s a photo of the skirt finished and inside out.

stretchy fabric mini skirt diy front

mini skirt side seams

And then I made another skirt, this time in a black velvet type of stretch fabric. Instead of pinning it into the shape I wanted I decided to just use the first skirt to draw an outline where the stitches should go and then sew the two pieces together. Just like the first one I hand stitched the hem and waist folds.

black velvet stretchy mini skirt diy

And then I made this skirt that is a little more advanced but I still made without a pattern. I got the general shape from an already existing skirt and then tailored it to fit me bit by bit. Took more than a few hours to make though… The leather buttons I used are oooooold. My grandfather had them on a coat in the 1950’s!

diy wool skirt with leather buttons

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