Making Two Boxes out of One

making two boxes out of one paper diy fabric drawers drawer junk box storage organizing

I needed somewhere to hide all the junk that has been cluttering my desk. I decided to put this old paper box to use.
paper box diy cut in two to make two boxes

I cut both the box and the lid in two.
cut boxes in two

The lid will become the front pieces for these boxes.
lid as front of box

I removed the paper that was on the box (I added that some years ago, so this is the second time I am re-inventing this box…lol) to make it easier to work with.
box drawer on shelf

Some cute fabric and glue was used to hide the ugly surface.
fabric glue supplies for box

The lid was attached to the front with a glue gun.
glue gunning the lid front

All the crap that was spread out around my working space was hidden away in the boxes.
box drawers

The boxes where put up on a shelf.
box drawers on shelf

I also added a handle to them using a white suede leather cord. Very easy to do. Punch some holes in the front, use three starnds of cord, braid, and tie a knot at each end of the handles.
handle tie knots

box drawers lid front knots back braid handle


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