Magazine Coasters

I recently inherited this antique chest, and I am now using it as a coffee table.

The lid of the chest features a cool looking star design and I decided to try and mimic the style on my coasters.

antique chest star design

At first I had the intention of making some of those rolled magazine strips coasters that have been floating around on DIY blogs for some time. Then I decided that I was waay too lazy to even start cutting the strips required to make them and figured, why not just glue a bunch of pages together with paper glue and then cut out round shapes and make coasters out of that? Yeah, seemed simple enough – and it was.

I let the coasters dry a bit before I slapped on some paint. I went with a grey background for the black stars.
Fun fact: Painting uneven stars is much harder than painting straight ones.

To seal the coasters and make them water proof, I put a few coats of varnish on top of the paint.

I cut out and glued on some black leather for the coasters backs.

I think they turned out pretty good!

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