Living Room / Bedroom

strandmon sofa

Besides having about 10 layers of old wallpaper on the walls, this room did not need that much work. And when I say not much work I mean two full weeks of peeling wallpaper, prepping and painting.

room kitchen

bed nook

steaming wallpaper

prepping walls

painting walls

The oak hardwood floor is just a few years old and look great. It was a bit dirty, but some careful scrubbing with a kitchen sponge and dishwashing detergent fixed it.

Ikea’s 3-seat Strandmon sofa is just perfect, I absolutely love the design, and its small size is great for my tiny little apartment. The chair will have to go though, it’s damaging the floor. Had to buy a Billy bookcase to store my books.

livingroom spfa bookcase

This is the bed nook. I was thinking about getting some type of room divider to hide the bed, but I’m leaning towards keeping this space open. As long as I keep it neat in there it shouldn’t be a problem. The drawer is a Koppang from IKEA.
IKEA this and IKEA that, I feel like I have just about used up my IKEA quota now. No more IKEA for me.

bed drawer chair

koppand ikea drawer

This, however is going to be a problem. HOW am I going to hide this without having to buy some ugly media storage thing?

media problem

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