Leather Scrap Necklace

leather scrap necklace and earrings

… Or maybe I should call this project Further adventures with the hole puncher?

I had some left of the black suede leather I used when I made this gold stud bracelet in February. I didn’t want to make yet another bracelet so I decided to break out the hole punch again and do something that I hadn’t really tried before.

Things I used:

  • Hole punch
  • A little sturdier leather
  • Chain
  • Jump rings

tools needed

Also, not pictured here, jewelry pliers to open and close jump rings, ear hooks if you want to make earrings and some jewelry head pins.

First I decided to make myself a necklace. I cut out the shapes I wanted.

cut out scraps

You will need to make some sort of plan of how you want the necklace to look like before you start to assemble it. Otherwise, things could get a little confusing and you will end up punching holes where there should be no holes. Some logical thinking is required at this point.


I used head pins to make the pendant a bit more stable at the top.

head pins

After I finished the necklace I also made a pair of earrings.

leather triangle earrings

I think I like the earrings the most.

earrings finished


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