Lace Curtain Flyscreen

lace curtain flyscreen diy tutorial
I have never been too fond of the look of the mosquito net that flyscreens usually have. So when I decided to make my own flyscreen I opted for something prettier – lace curtains!
This DIY is directly inspired (more like, taken straight from) Swedish interior design blog Stationen 1887 that made a sun shade for flowers with lace fabric.

I wish I could have used some old curtains that I already had for this, or found some at a flea market, but I never got the chance to go out and look for it (and I don’t own any lace curtains). The weather is hot and I need to be able to keep my bedroom window open NOW without having some nasty bugs nesting in my ears while I sleep, argh :C

lace curtain on hanger
… So, I bought new ones, but they were not that expensive, actually, they were surprisingly cheap. The lace is probably not fine enough to exclude the tiniest bugs, but hopefully the wasps and other monsters will keep their distance.

I made a very simple wood frame for my window.

flyscreen wood frame

I cut the fabric.

cut out lace

Saved the left over lace for future projects. :D

saving left over lace

Used a staple gun to fasten the lace to the frame.


And that was it.

flyscreen close up

That middle part of the frame works as a handle.

fly screen diy with lace pretty mosquito mesh net

Unfortunately the wood frame got a bit wonky (or the actual window frame is wonky, not sure) so I had to add some extra padding on one side to make the flyscreen fit. Not a big deal though.

extra padding on side


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    • Nope, but I only got to use it for a short period of time, summer is waay short up here ;) Maybe you could vacuum it and if it get’s to dirty, just remove it, wash it and staple it on again. Would probably also work to put the entire screen in the shower and wash it in there.

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