Lace and Tassel Top

lace and tassel top diy

I made a new blouse this week. I used an already existing top as a template and drew up a pattern on a piece of fabric (old Christmas table cloth!).

top pattern

I cut out the back and front of the blouse using the same pattern. I’m not 100% sure what kind of fabric I used, it looks kind of like polyester gabardine. It’s a very easy fabric to work with!

top pieces

The top looked a bit plain when I finished it.

undecorated top

I decided that some decoration was needed. I rummaged through my craft supplies and found some bits and pieces of lace and a fringe trim that I could use.


The fringe trim was made into tassels using some super glue (that I hope will hold when I wash the top), an old polyester necklace cord and some little bits of fabric.

tassel 1

I cut up the fringe trim in four pieces. I glued the trims and rolled them into tassels.

tassel 2

tassel 3

tassel 4

I glued on some fabric to the tassels to hide the purple fringe seam.

tassel 5

Next week I will make a skirt to go with this top. See you then!

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