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kimono wool jacket diy tutorial

I finally made the kimono jacket from that 60’s/70’s deadstock wool fabric I was talking about earlier! And I’m quite happy with it!

I was planning to use the polymer clay buttons I did two weeks ago with this but I decided not to. They didn’t really work out with the rest of the design.

kimono jacket open

kimono jacket closing 1

kimono jacket closing 2

kimono close up

The kimono jacket Is basically made exactly like the kimono wrap top I did in August of 2012, with he exception of 3 things. This jacket has a rounded collar, has a thick lining and it’s made in only ONE piece.

kimono sleeve

These are the measurements I used for my kimono.

measurements pattern kimono winter jacket

These measurements are not exact, they represent my finished jacket, but hopefully will give you some idea on how to construct your own! It’s really, REALLY easy, I promise. The best thing about this pattern is that you can easily adjust it to fit, so ideal is to make the jacket too big at first and try it on and see how it fits and then adjust it.

Note that the kimono is in one piece, the fabric is folded double, which means that there are no seams at the top of the sleeves and shoulders.

pattern cut out kimono

cut out middle

Cutting a perfect round collar was a bit difficult. I ended up cutting it while wearing the jacket, and it worked great!

cut out collar

The lining is only slightly smaller (maybe 0.5 centimetres) than the jacket. I used some of that insulated (not sure what it’s actually called) lining. Better be prepared for the Swedish winter!

lining cut out

I sewed and cut the lining exactly like the kimono. I then attached the two pieces with a few stitches at the side seams and edges at the sleeves, bottom and front opening.

attaching lining

To give the jacket a more finished look I added a collar and sleeve cuffs. The jacket totally works without these though.

collar 1

collar 2

collar 3

sleeve cuff

I also added belt loops for the belt.

belt loops

Yep, very pleased with the result! Self five!

kimono jacket diy tutorial sewing blog


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  1. Such a gorgeous coat – and it looks like something I could actually make as a semi-novice. No need for any adjusting of full bust / small back / short waist (That’s where I always fail in epic fashion – no pun intended.) No set in sleeves to fight. :0)Thanks for generously sharing how to do this. Going to try it as soon as I can get my hands on some fabric suitable for cold winters here in Wisconsin. A great inspiration!

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