Kimono DIY

kimono diy

This is my third post on how to make a kimono top. Back in 2012 I did this oversized kimono wrap top and then in 2013 I made a kimono winter coat in wool. I’m not going into depth with this tutorial as that would just be a repeat of my previous posts.

I made this kimono very quickly. The only thing you really need to succeed with this project is a few measurements for the sleeves. You can basically make them as wide as you want, the only thing to think about here is whether you want to wear your kimono top with a belt or not. If you want to use a belt you should make sure the sleeves do not reach past your waist. That would make the top really weird and constricting.

Here’s a photo of me measuring the width of my sleeves. I’m not planning on wearing mine with a belt but decided that I wanted the sleeves slightly above my waistline anyway.

I marked down my measurement on the fabric. I got 13.5 inches. Btw, my measuring tape is great, it has inches on one side and centimetres on the other! It makes following American DIY tutorials A LOT easier…

And here I am checking to see where I want my sleeves to begin.

Marking that down too so I could see how far I would cut the fabric.

Aaaand, here it is cut! I of course also cut up the middle of the front to get an opening. I then sewed all edges and I was done.

kimono top diy

kimono top diy

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