Jewelry and Make Up Drawer Container/Compartment

jewelry drawer compartmets container diy tutorial blog

This idea is taken from a picture I found on pinterest. I have no idea where its from and have spent quite some time googling both the picture and the watermark, but nothing! If you know where it comes from please contact me :)

The container in the link is made from several small paper boxes that have been glued together. I didn’t have any boxes so I decided to make the compartments using paper from old gift boxes.

This is a before picture of the jewelry mayhem. The wood sticks were added by me some years ago in an attempt to try and organize things. The attempt failed.

drawer with jeawelry

I started out by cutting out the bottom for my container.

container bottom

drawer paper easy compartement diy

For dividers I cut out paper like this. It is not ideal to use little bits and pieces of paper like I did, but I only had little bits and pieces of paper left, so it would have to do. After all, this blog is about using your resources!

jewelry compartment dividers 1

I also made sure the dividers were the correct height for the drawer.

jewelry container dividers 2

dividers for compartment paper diy

I glued and taped the divider pieces together to get the lengths I needed for the different compartments.

cmpartement dividers how to make your own drawer compartments containers

I then glued them onto the bottom, and started to add some fabric (blue cotton fabric from IKEA) to the whole thing. For this I used a glue mix similar to Mod Podge.

compartment dividers covered with fabric

fabric covered drawer compartment container

This is how it looks finished. The dark spots/stains will disappear as soon as the glue dries.

diy drawer compartments container for jewelry and make up

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