Jaket Lining Pillow

Making a pillow using lining fabric from your old jacket? Why not, especially when the lining is this nice!

cute heart lining hot pink

… And the jacket is so horrible you want to cry. Worst thing is, it was not that horrible when I bought it, but then the down just got blown up and super poofy for some reason, it got bigger and bigger until I had difficulties moving my arms in it..!

jacket lining to pillow decoration

I removed the lining, washed it, and sewed a basic pillow case with the lining and the same fabric that I used for the first seat on my rococo chair.

The fabric got a bit wrinkly when I washed it, not sure if it would be OK to iron it… Hopefully it will get smoother with time.

jacket lining hot pink shiy hearts pillow case diy

close up lining hot pink shimmering heart pillow diy

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