I made another Drawstring Bag and it was Terrible

multi color fringe blue drawstring bag in suede leather

Terrible because my sewing machine decided to stop working on leather and I had to sew the entire thing by hand :C So, now you know why I did not update last week.

The blue suede is from an old jacket (of course ;)) and the multi colored suede cords are from endlesssleather.com. I also used my hole punch.


As usual I used A4 paper as a pattern (I did add some extra cm for the fold at the top).

suede blue bag drawstrng diy tutorial

Like the black drawstring bag I did some weeks ago I had to use two smaller pieces for the bag’s front and back.

I used the same stitch as this tutorial on hand sewn buttonsholes use. The fringes I added made the bag sturdy enough even though I couldn’t use my machine to sew it.

hand sewn seam

hole punch

adding fringe

tassel fringe on bag suede leather draw string

After folding down the top I cut out holes for the drawstring and stitched them.
holes fro drawstring

drawstring in action

Sewing the shoulder strap and attaching it to the bag was the hardest to do by hand. But it worked out fine in the end.

strap front



I have more leather bag projects planned, I bought a new leather needle for my machine yesterday. I hope that solves my problems…

tassel fringe leather cords


I made another Drawstring Bag and it was Terrible — 3 Comments

  1. Still a really nice bag despite all the effort. Getting the needle through must have hurt your fingers.
    I might try this but in fabric. I wouldn’t use leather coz I am trying to go vegan.
    Love your blog btw.
    Greenie Dresses for Less

    • It was actually easier to get the needle through by hand, not sure if my machine is really really weak or if I am actually really strong, lol ;)

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