Hooked on Downton Abbey – AGAIN

I thought I went through this phase and GOT OVER IT in 2011, but apparently, I am not ready to let Downton Abbey go just yet. I did give it up for some time, you know, when things started to get a little ridiculous with people dying all over the place and stuff. But now I’m back again.

I wouldn’t say that I care that much for the plot, it’s the fashion that interests me the most. EVERYTHING IS SO PRETTY I WANT TO DIE. Actually I don’t think it has ever been as pretty as it was in season 4. The early 1920’s with the still longer skirts (I’m not the biggest fan of the short flapper skirts) combined with the loose fit is so awesome.

After watching half of the third season and all of season four in just a few days I knew I had to make something 1920’s inspired. I haven’t decided yet If I’m going to go full-downton-abbey and make something super fancy, or if I want something more wearable. But, the 1920’s silhouette is totally wearable today, so going all-out on this wouldn’t be too much of a waste of fabric.

The cool thing about this is that I actually have some genuine 1920’s art deco accessories just laying around waiting to be used. Everything is from my great grandmother.

I am very tempted to use these black and silver hexagon glass buttons in my dress. They look pretty fragile, they’re made of glass after all, so I’m not sure how practical they would be to wear.

art deco glass buttons

I’ll probably end up using one of the two types of these silver buttons. I’m guessing they are a few decades younger than the ones in glass, but they would work very well with the fabric I want to use.

vintage silver metal buttons

First off I will take the fabric from this old skirt. I think it would look great to use in the shoulder area and maybe down the back.


The rest of the dress will be made in this midnight blue material that I can’t really identify. I’m guessing that it’s rayon. It falls great and has some weight to it.

midnight blue rayon

With the dress I want to wear a longer necklace, probably this murano mosaic glass necklace or maybe the green, black and crystal glass necklace. The latter is very art deco. I can’t for sure confirm that the brooch is actually from the 20’s, there’s something about the material that looks off, but it sure has a art deco-feel to it. The brooch being silver colored also makes it suitable to wear on the dress if I end up using the silver buttons.

murano art deco necklaces

Hopefully I will have some time next week to start making this dress. I also have two pretty cool DIY’s coming up. I spent all morning running around IKEA trying to find the supplies I need for one of them. I think it will look really great once finished. Well, I’m off to do some DIY. See you in a few days!

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