Gold + Blue Suede Clutch – DIY Tutorial

bag done

I made this asymmetric dark blue suede clutch a few days ago. It’s (of course) made of all recycled materials. I’ve used the blue suede before when I made this drawstring fringe bag.

blue suede clutch bag diy

blue suede clutch bag back diy

Even though I like it plain and simple, I felt that adding something extra could be a good idea. I recently bought gold textile paint and decided to try it out on the bag.

First I was going to use regular masking tape, but it didn’t stick to the suede. Black electrical tape worked much better with it. The textile paint I used is made mainly for cotton fabric, but, since I will not be washing this bag any time soon, it works just as well on suede. To apply the paint I used a cut off piece from a kitchen sponge.

textile paint gold color

I really had to let things take some time to get the tape in straight clean lines. It was a little bit difficult to do the corners, mostly because the bag is asymmetrical and logical thinking has never been my strong suit.

textile paint masking tape pattern

I applied the paint.

apply textile paint with sponge

paint masking tape

After the paint has dried some, it’s time to peel off the tape. SO FUN!

pull off masking tape

The fabric paint is supposed to be sealed with an iron, but, since ironing suede is probably not a good idea, I added heat with my hair dryer.

seal textile paint with heat use hairdryer

I’m a bit surprised at how great the lines turned out: I was expecting them to look so much worse.

gold paint blue suede clutch bag diy

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