Glitter Heart Necklace – Upcycle DIY

heart necklace

For this glitter heart necklace I used a decoration heart that once came with a flower bouquet, glitter powder, varnish/glue, sandpaper and a gold chain.

supplies i used
varnish glue
This is the same glue that I used for my glitter shoes.

I used sandpaper to buff the surface of the heart.

heart sanding

I used this heart as a pendant years ago. Back then I removed the stick it used to be on, closed up the hole in the bottom with wood putty and red paint and added an eye hook at the top. I got tired of it though and today I decided to give it new life with some purple glitter!

First layer of glitter and varnish/glue.
first layer of glitter

Some layers later…

another layer

I sealed the last layer with a coat of varnish/glue only.

And it’s done!
heart done

Only problem is – Now I feel like putting glitter on everything!


Glitter Heart Necklace – Upcycle DIY — 4 Comments

  1. I cannot find varnish glue here where I live. Is there anything else it goes by? I’ve been looking online and found some, but they say they are water based and I wasn’t sure if after it dried if it would be OK or not.

    • I have no idea, I live in Sweden and only know what to find here. Water based should be ok though as long as it stays dry. Water based stuff usually can tolerate a moderate amount of water too.

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