Geometric Shapes Necklace

polymer clay colorful necklace easy diy geometric shape
You will need polymer clay, I use Fimo Soft. Scissors, chain, jump rings, pliers and a candle. I will use the candle to roll out the clay, I wish I had one of those glass rollers specially made for polymer clay, but the candle will do for now. Not pictured but needed are also a razor blade and a hole puncher.


Roll out the clay to thin plates.

roll out clay with candle

roll out thin plates of polymer cay

Put them on the oven tray (on baking paper), make sure they lay flat on the surface.

thin plates on baking tray

Even out the edges with a razor blade. This is not needed, you could easily even out the edges with a scissor after baking, even it out before baking will not waste any clay though.

cut the edges even with razor blade

Bake the clay plates according to he instructions on the clay’s package.

sharp edges on plates clay

Cut out shapes using a a scissor.

cut shapes with scissors

cut shapes 1

cut shapes 2

Punch small holes in each shape.

hole puncher holes

Add jump rings to the holes.

add jump rings to shapes

Attach the shapes to the chain.

add shapes evenly to the chain

Add as many as you want. It takes some time, but it looks really cool once the necklace is done!

geometric shapes necklace bold coloful statement polymer clay jewelry

I only added shapes to the lower part of the chain. Having the shapes all the way around your neck and on your skin can be a bit uncomfortable.

geometric shapes necklace jewellery bold colour fimo clay diy tutorial

primary color necklace geometric shape shapes diy polymer clay tutorial easy jewelry blog deisgn


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    • Not sure how air dry clay works to cut once it’s dry… I’ve never tried any air dry clay so I don’t really know the answer! Sorry!

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