Forget Everything I Said!

I’ve decided to keep my blog in English. I realised that while my English is quite bad, my Swedish is even worse. Not sure what’s up with that, totally confusing and weird. So, BLOG STAYS.

Prepare for some crazy renovation posts in a couple of days. I’ve been living in a complete haze this past month. Turns out it’s really hard to have a physically exhausting job and doing a renovation at the same time. Who knew!

I completely blame this questionable choice of color on exhaustion:

flamingo color

Just kidding, that’s actually my favorite color… EVER.


Forget Everything I Said! — 4 Comments

  1. Well, I’m admittedly glad that I don’t have to worry about wrestling with Google translate to read your future blog entries. haha

    I’m excited to see the progress of your renovations! You’re so brave. I moved into a new place about a month ago, and I was anxious about just simply hanging curtains, let alone tearing out a wardrobe.

    • Hey, what’s wrong with google translate? ;)

      Actually I’m more anxious about the curtains than the wardrobe smashing… Hah!

  2. Hi,
    Good news for us, non swedish speakers!
    Hey, your english is not bad at all, I find your explanations (in tutorials and such) quite clear.
    This Flamingo looks like a giant bubble gum, yummy. Curious to see where you used it!
    Keep us posted,

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