Fleece Wrist Warmers with Printable Pattern!

wrist warmers free pattern printable diy tutorial I am probably not the only one to live in a country that turns into a really shitty place during the winter months. I have an enormous hatred for winter, snow, darkness and freezing temperatures. Dear motherland Sweden, I like you in the summer looking all fairytale-y, but your winters SUCK. Sorry.

One of the crappiest things about colder weather is that it starts out pretty well in September and October, the cooler temperature gives you an opportunity to dress in cool outfits – fall fashion is the best! BUT then it all starts to go to hell by the end of October. When you reach mid November, stylish outfits have turned into 10 layers of uncoordinated garments and an overwhelming feeling of wanting to give up on everything in life. By this time you can only focus on surviving.

This year I decided to try and battle the decreasing stylishness by DIY-ing my own fleece wrist warmers to wear over of my leather gloves. The gap where the gloves end and the jacket sleeve begins is always a spot that malfunctions, gets exposed and lets in a deadly draft. These wrist warmers will keep the area warm and cozy and will let me wear my thin leather gloves a little longer into winter.

This is the pattern I made. Areas marked in red are the seams.
seams marked in red

Download the printable image here. Pattern should be printed and fitted onto A4 paper.

As you can see, this pattern only has two seams. I would recommend a non fraying fabric to get the best result.

I used a pretty thick fleece fabric. I would say it’s about 2 mm thick. Please note that the pattern is made for the specific fabric that I used. I would recommend trying out the pattern size to see if it fits your fabric and your wrists before cutting into your fabric.
fleece fabric used The pattern is very easy to adjust though, so I don’t think there will be too much trouble if adjustments are needed. Also note that this pattern is for wrist warmers supposed to be worn OVER other gloves, so they will be a bit big if you want to use them as reular fingerless gloves.

Start out by cutting out the pattern. Trace it out on your fabric.
trace out

Fold the fabric like in the photos below (Actually now when I think about it, It would probably be better if you fold it BEFORE tracing out the pattern… Yeah, you should do that) We only want to have a seam on one side of the wrist warmers.
pattern fold 1

pattern fold 2 Only one seam saves thread! Hehe! No, just kidding, the real reason for this is that I originally made this pattern to have seams on both sides. However, the outer seam made the wrist warmer look really wonky and didn’t stay in place when I moved my arms.

Leave some room for seam allowance before cutting. After you’ve cut out the fabric, the soon-to-be-wrist warmers should look something like this.
wrist warmers sewing diy

Cut out the other wrist warmer and fold them both in half.

two parts wrist warmer diy cut out pattern

Sew areas marked red on the pattern picture (the second picture of the post).

And the wrist warmers are DONE!!!

wrist warmers done

wrist warmers done2


Yesterday I went to Stockholm and the Hallwyl Museum. There’s a Downton Abbey exhibition at the museum right now and I knew I had to go there and gawk at the amazing costumes! Here are some photos I took with my crappy cell phone.

Downton Abbey Costumes Exhibiton 1

Downton Abbey at the Halwyll Museum Stockholm

Hallwyl Museum Featuring Costumes from Downton Abbey

If you ever go to Stockholm I recommend a visit to the Hallwyl house museum. It showcases a very impressive and well preserved aristocratic home from the late 1800s and early 1900’s and also has a vast collection of weapons, pottery and other little knick knacks. Be sure to take the guided tour to get access to all areas of the house! :D


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  3. Never thought to wear these Over my gloves. My knitted pair only fit in heavy winter gloves. And I love them!! Going to make more. Thank you!!

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