Fantastic Earring Designs of the 1950’s

Another one of those videos that makes you question whether you were born in the wrong era or not. I mean, just looks at all that jewelry!!!  Also, the earring design is not the only thing that is awesome in there – Just check out the amazing gold metal belt that the model is wearing in the beginning! Would that thing be possible to DIY?

Here are some equally kitschy earrings that I found in Etsy’s vintage section:

Vintage 50s earrings

From top left:
Flower Basket Earrings by Your Pattern Shop.
White Fan Gold Tone Flower Earrings by I Found Gallery.
Bali Dancer Face Earrings by One Trick Chassis.
Gold Filligre Dange Earrings by SoCal Jewel Box.
Lucite Orchid earrings by Vintage Textile Pixie.
Green Plastic Flower Earrings also by Vintage Textile Pixie.


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