Fabric Chain Necklace

fabric scraps necklace

True rags to couture craft!

What you will need to make this necklace yourself:

  • Scrap Fabric. A little thicker fabric works best.
  • Paper glue stick, or whatever type of glue you prefer to use.
  • Chain
  • Scissors…

Make some sort of pattern so that all your chain links will be the same size. If you want them to be the same size that is!
chain pattern

You can see the measurements I used in the photo. The size of the pattern and how much fabric you will need for each link really depends on what type of fabric you use.

Parts cut out!
cut out

The smaller pieces will be used when glueing the links together.

Put glue on one side of the link piece.
glue fabric

Roll it tightly.
roll fabric tightly

Rolling complete.

Close up the links by putting some glue on the small fabric parts and roll them around the openings of the links.
close up

Should look something like this when you are done:

Make a chain by adding new links to it before closing them up.
make chain

Repeat process until your chain is long enough.

Add a metal chain and your necklace is finished!

I have been thinking of trying to make a necklace that is all fabric chains, that would look pretty cool!


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  1. What a fantastic blog you have!! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking through all your DIYs :) I’m definitely going to give this one a try!

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