Experimenting with Bleach

bleached red jeans diy tutorial

reverse tie dye with bleach bleahing black tank top

Bleaching jeans and doing reverse tie dye is something that I have been wanting to try for a long time.

I decided to use these red jeans. They were pretty cool when they were new and had a deep red color. Five years later and washed out = not that cool any more.

before bleaching red jeans

For the first bleach bath I used a small amount of bleach in the water. I mixed it in the bathtub so that the jeans got evenly bleached.

red jeans in bleach bath

After a few hours in the bath I washed them in the washing machine. They turned out a light shade of red.

first step finished bleach red jeans

For the second bath I mixed half bleach and half water. I also scrunched up the jeans with rubber bands (I totally destroyed my rubber band necklace for this, haha).

bleach jeans reverse tie dye

reverse tie dye jeans in bleach

The reverse tie dye worked! They did turn out a bit too bright, but that’s OK.

tie dye jeans light pink

I decided to re-use the bleach bath and threw in a washed out black tank top.

bleaching black tank top

The top looks so much better than the jeans! I had two of these black tank tops and in the background you can see how it looked before the bleach.

reverse tie dye with bleach

Some of the thread turned red though…

bleach making seams thread red

But that is possible to hide if you fold in the seams and sew them.

bleaching cotton tank top fold in

And, from one thing to another, that plant I put in my terrarium got really big and I had to take it out and place it in its own pot.

terrarium plant sedum tornado

Next time I make a terrarium I will use a more slow growing succulent.

sedum tornado plant in glazed vintage terra cotta pot planter


Experimenting with Bleach — 5 Comments

  1. Love the revamped pants and the tank looks amazing! Could you give more detailed instructions (How tight were the rubber bands? How long did you leave them in the bleach bath?) or maybe do a tutorial?

    • I put the rubber bands on tight enough so they don’t slip off. I left them in the bleach bath until I saw a color change. If I remember right I never said how long I left them in there because I feel it would be different with every pair of pants depending due to material quality. The tank top was in there for like two minutes, while the pants probably soaked in there for 30 minutes. I am also not entirely sure the definition of “bleach” is the same in every country. I’m in Sweden and I used chlorine for this tutorial. Could happen that I bleach something else in the future, I will make sure to do a better tutorial then! :)