Easy to Sew 70’s Style Dress

chiffon dress diy tutorial easy to sew

Yeah I know, I was all “See you next week!” two weeks ago. Life got busy and I had to postpone this post for a bit. Sorry about that. I think it was worth waiting for though as this DIY is one of my personal favorites so far!

So, this is a dress that is supposed to be made in a thin flowing fabric, I used chiffon but that just makes it see-trough and you have to use two layers. I definitely recommend some other type of non see-through, but still thin, fabric.

You make this in two rectangle pieces, approximately twice your body size wide. You decide yourself how long you want the dress to be (I think it could be really cute as a mini dress to use on the beach!).

chiffon dress diy full figure

back of dress

It doesn’t look like much on a hanger, haha.

chiffon dress on hanger

This is the simple construction. I think it’s easiest to make it from the bottom and up, definitely make the casing for the waistband before the top part. That way it’s much easier to determine how high up you want the dress over the bust. Add the straps last. If you feel extra adventurous you could skip the straps…

dress pattern

There are however a few steps that can be a bit tricky. First the casings for the elastic bands. I made them like this:


You sew them and then fold them flat against the fabric and sew again. I think you sort of can see how I mean from my sketch?
Make the casings as small as possible, you don’t want the fabric to slide around over the elastic bands while wearing the dress. Using a flat elastic waistband is the most comfortable.

The next tricky thing is the top flaps (haha, flaps. Not sure what to call them). You have to flip over the seams to the opposite side somewhere before the flaps fold over the bust. This is not that hard and you will figure this out if you decide to make this dress. Please note that I was using two layers of fabric, that’s why I have two layers of flaps. Also note how I had to hand stitch the edges of the flaps :C. Actually the hemline is hand stitched too… But I do that to almost every dress I make.

dress top flaps

This is how the reverse side seams look on my finished dress. In this picture you can also see how I made the elastic band casings. I switched side for the seams right before the casing starts.

reverse side seams on flaps

In the photos I am wearing this 1920’s Art Deco Murano glass beads necklace. I think It looks pretty nice with the dress. Even though I am relating this dress style to the 70’s, similar styles were in fashion in the twenties and thirties.

vintage art deco 20's 30's murano glass beads necklace


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  1. Fab! you make it look so simple, will have to give it a go. Love the blog :)

    Brightest blessings,
    Jane xx

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    • I don’t remember right now, but will add the measurements to the tutorial once I find the dress. :)

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