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This post was supposed to be up a week ago, but I’ve had a lot to do lately. It doesn’t really help that I’ve felt very creative these past weeks – I have about 10 new projects started, I just need to sort things out and actually get stuff finished and then I’ll have blog posts set up until January, hah!

In my last post I talked about pink and how I found a pink zipper I had to make a skirt for. Remember these pink bracelets I made last year from an old curling iron case? The pink zipper is from the same case! I forgot about it until recently and decided that I had to use it in a project.

It’s a very easy skirt to make, there’s just a lot of pinning involved and attaching the zipper can be a bit tricky. My skirt has two layers, I’m going to show you how to make a single layered skirt, but all you have to do to get two layers is to add another longer skirt underneath the first one. I’m not going to to a full tutorial on this, just some general guidelines and I think you’ll be able to figure out the rest yourselves…

The fabric I used (Wholeport gift :)) was SO hard to photograph, my camera was unable to pick up the color normally… But I love it, this shade of pink is definitely one of my favorite colors.

Anyway, first you need a waist band. Measure up how much fabric you need for this + seam allowance on each end. Also make this twice as wide as you want it, it will be folded double. Then you’ll need a skirt. I usually go for a piece that I can wrap two times around my body, I think that makes the skirt wide enough without getting too many pleats. The pieces should look something like this:

skirt parts 1

Pin the corners and the middle of the skirt to the corners and the middle of the waistband. Can you sort of see what I mean in the picture below? I made the skirt see-through so you can see where the waist band is.

pin skirt

Continue to pin the middle of the two hanging sections on each side. Pinning in the middle will get you even pleats. Continue to pin in the middle of each section you get until it looks like it does on the left in this picture:

pinned skirt

Sew. But be careful with all those pins!

sew skirt

Fold over the waist band and sew. I sewed two seams at both the top and bottom of the waist band.

fold over waist band to back

Here is the back of my waist band.

waist band back

When the waist band is done, it’s time to finally time to sew the skirt together (omg, seriously I almost got a headache editing these photos, that color is SO bright!!!!)

seam and zipper

I attached the zipper last. I’m not going to write anything further on that subject, because seriously, I have no freaking clue how to correctly attach a zipper! There’s always a lot of swearing involved when I sew zippers, but LUCKILY I always get it to look right in the end. Phew.

The hemline is hand stitched.

zipper open

zipper closed

I’m not 100% sure about the hearts around the waist. I think they are a bit much. We’ll see if they stay there or not.

hearts waist

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