Easy Pom Pom Beanie on Circle Needles

gray wool beanie with ragg yarn pom pom

Man, I wish I new how to knit. I see all these fantastic projects out there that I want to try out but I just can’t. I tried to learn how to read patterns a while back when a reader asked me to translate a Swedish knitting pattern, but It just didn’t work.
I can’t do maths either, and I strongly suspect these two problems are related to each other. I have no problem understanding the basic stitches though, so if I only found some type of Knitting for Dummies book, I’d be all set. Maybe I could even make this awesome sweater. Just look at how the yarn just gradually becomes a sweater in the tutorial images… It’s like some type of dark magic to me. HOW do you do that with circle needles?!

However, some basic stitches and the same magical circle needles used in the link above can get you pretty far. They’re super easy to work with when making a scarf or a beanie. Somehow it’s much harder to screw things up with circle needles.

knitting beanie on circle needles

I made this fisherman’s rib stitch beanie with some left over yarn on circle needles and it totally looks like I knew what I was doing when I made it!

beanie top

The pom pom is made from some old ragg wool sock yarn that I found in my never ending yarn stash.

pom pom for beanie

So, knit a tube on the circle needles that fits your head, cast off and pull together at the top. Add a pom pom and, tada! You just made a Pom Pom Beanie that looks professional! ;)

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