Door Table

door table trestle legs

I would lie If I didn’t say that this apartment has burnt a hole in my wallet. It’s not like I have that much money either. It’s kind of ironic really, before I bought the apartment I was poor because I had to save money to be able to buy it, and now I’m poor because I bought it!
But, at least I was able to fix myself a craft table without spending too much money. I just bought two trestle legs and used one of the doors from the wardrobe I tore out as a table top.

The trestles were too wide for the door, so I had to saw them off a bit.

tresle legs too wide

The table is sturdy, just the right size and can hold my sewing machine + fabric and scissors without any problems. It’s also nice to finally have somewhere to put down my plate while I eat. Haha.

tresle legs cut off

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