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plant terrarium diorama diy tutorial bigfoot monkey ape monster figurine sedum tornado

Oh great, I just found another obsession – Plant terrariums! After finding some excellent tutorials online, I will link them later in the post, I decided to make my own.

I used leca clay balls, stones (just got some outside and cleaned them) and regular potting soil. I also used this glass vase from IKEA and a small plastic figurine.

diy plant terrarium diorama with sedum tornado

First layer, leca balls for drainage. Everyone seems to be using some type of coal mixture in the bottom of their terrariums, but I have no idea what that is or where to find it, so this will do for now.

leca first layer

Second layer, some stones.

second layer stones

Third layer, planting soil.

third layer soil

I had to try and spread out my plant’s roots for it to fit in the soil.

prepering the plant potting

For decoration I put some of the stones on top of the soil around the plant.

stones around plant

decorative stones in terrarium

I think I would like something more in this terrarium, but for now this little bigfoot/ape-monster will have to do. :D

ape moneky bigfoot figurine in terrarium diorama

Here are some cooler terrariums and awesome tutorials on how to make your own little plant dioramas.

my top 3 favorite terrarium diy tutorials links
Top left and down:

And, even more terrariums!

Terrarium DIY's

Plant Terrarium by Karins Konstgrepp || Plant Terrarium by Valley View Farms
Geodesic Terrarium by Restoration Hardware || Beach Terrarium by Groundlings
Desert Terrarium by 4 Men 1 Lady || Terrarium Centerpiece by Ramshackle Glam

On Etsy there is even a shop specializing in making diorama/terrarium miniatures! I want the zombie horde!

Faerie Nest miniatures on Etsy

They are so cool!!! Miniatures by Faerie Nest.


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  2. Adorable terrarium. Can you tell me what kind of plant you used for this one? I think I have that little guy growing in one place in my yard and I have put some in pots because it is so beautiful, but I have no idea what it is called.

    • It’s called sedum tornado :) It only lasted for about a month in the terrarium it grew so fast! I now have it in a hanging planter in my window, but it has almost outgrown that too!

  3. Thank you for the info. If you want to try moving it outside or at least part of it, it does well here in Nashville. I found it between two steps going into the back yard and I didn’t put it there.

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