DIY Seed Bead Mosaic Lanterns

mosaic grout and beads candle holder diy

diy candle holders on wood board

I made some mosaic lanterns. If you read my blog maybe you remember the beach glass lantern I made last year. Making that lantern was so much fun and the result so awesome that I just had to try it again. This time with glass seed beads instead of beach glass.

I used these tea light holders from Ikea as a base, white and yellow seed beads, clear glue that works with glass and white grout.

galej ikea tea light holder


I poured out the seed beads on a tin foil “plate”.

seed beads glass

I spread out the glue in a uneven pattern all around the candle light holders.

put glue on lanterns

I rolled the holders in the seed beads.

glue on beads to lanter

I let the glue dry for a few days.

glass beads on lantern

I mixed grout.

mixing grout

Applied it generously over the beads.

apply grout

I let the grout set for a few minutes.

grout lanterns

I then washed off the excess grout with a wet kitchen sponge. It was a bit tricky to get a good surface, so I had to grout the lanterns twice, but in the end they turned out just the way I wanted them to!

wash off grout

I knew before I started this project that I wanted these lanterns to sit on a wood board of some type. I ended up chopping off a piece from a old balcony table. The wood was quite weathered and very dry. I gave it life with some olive oil. Kinda surprised how well it worked and the wood got a new richer color.

wood board for tealight holders

I think the lanterns look great with those yellow beads mixed with the white.

close up

close up dark

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