Clutch Bag Remake

clutch remake diy

It’s been over a week since my last post! I went on a trip to Edinburgh for a few days and haven’t had the time to make anything new until now.

Edinburgh was quite fantastic. I saw lots of cool buildings, went on a tour in the underground vaults and got felt up by a grumpy security guard at the airport.

Wonderful sights and strangers touching you intimately – What more could you ask for?

Enough about that. Let’s continue with the crafts!

Today we are going to remake an old clutch bag. I think my mom got it with some magazine in the 80’s. The condition of the bag was beyond bad! This is what I used for this diy:


  • One old bag.
  • Varnish/Glue, I’m guessing Mod Podge would work very well here.
  • Paint brush.
  • E6000 super glue.
  • Sandpaper. Didn’t use it that much though. The surface was already very ragged.
  • Two types of fabric; Black velour – leftover from a Star Trek costume (oh yeah!) I made a few years ago. Brocade fabric from old 60’s couch. The couch broke in half during a party at my grandmothers house back in 1972. She saved some of the fabric, made a bag, and the piece I’m using here is a leftover from that bag. Recycled or what?!
  • Not pictured here is a duffle jacket type of button and a black cord that I used as a closure. I will get back to that in a moment.

As I said, the bag was in a pretty bad condition. Actually, the overall quality of it felt crappy. The closure and shoulder strap fastening consisted of some lame plastic buttons. I decided to remove the shoulder strap entirely and just cover up all of the buttons with the fabric.

crap condition


The orange brocade was already cut in a perfect size for my bag. I put a rather thick layer of varnish/glue on the surface.


And pressed on the fabric.

press down

I let it dry for a moment and the continued to put glue on the edges. Sorry for the out of focus thing here…


I folded in the edges.


And let them dry like this.


After that it was time to glue on the black fabric.

black velour fabric

I folded in the edges like this:



As you can see in the picture above, I left the sides of the bag as they were. I think that was the best thing to do as I wanted the bag to be able to close properly.

Speaking about closing the bag, how did I do it when I just covered the original buttons with fabric? The answer is:
close up

One button, a black cord and a little bit of the same black fabric I used for the rest of the bag. I measured around the bag to get the right length of the cords.
closing bag

And this is how it looks on the back…


… and on the front.


Before glueing it on to the back I decided to run over it a few times with my machine for some extra strength.

And the result is at the top of the post. A very simple way to give old bags new life!


Clutch Bag Remake — 3 Comments

  1. That is just the cutest thing! I love that the fabric was a scrap from your grandmother’s sofa. I still remember the fruit motif on my grandmother’s sofa in her den. I would love to have a bag made with a scrap of that sofa. It is an adorable purse.

    • Thanks! Yeah I quite love that fabric, I have more of it left + another bag my grandmother made from it. Too bad I never got to see what the sofa looked like, I bet it looked great!

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