Chiffon Skirt Remake and Jersey Dress to Skirt

diy chiffon dress

Feels like I am just putting out DIY’s with no real tutorials these days, I hope you like them anyway! This week I mostly spent working. I had to get up at 5.30 (not that early for my job really) get on my bike and ride a total of about 18 kilometres (over 10 miles) between jobs during the day. To make things worse some dude threw trash at me while I was changing bags in a trash can one day, apparently I am invisible while working! I guess I can call myself The Human Trash Can from now on. Yeah, that is totally going to be my super hero name.

I made the chiffon skirt, one of those where you are supposed to wear another shorter skirt underneath, last year. I wore a mini dress under it but never felt comfortable walking around in it. I wanted something more modest – something that wouldn’t make me involuntarily flash people at every little gust of wind.

I decided to cut off and use the lower part of an old jersey dress to make the skirt. I added a wider belt to the chiffon skirt and used the upholstery fabric from this post.

chiffon jersay dress roses fabric rose diy materials

This is how the chiffon skirt looked before the remake.

chiffon skirt old belt

And it looked like this after I added the new fabric.

roses upholstery fabric belt

The belt closes with three buttons.

belt closed

closed belt on

sew on belt open

I am very excited about next week’s project! I think you will like it too… See you soon! :D


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