Chain Wrap Bracelet

chain wrap bracelet diy

Today I made a chain wrapped bracelet! I love how chunky it is and it reminds me a little of Sami bracelets.


For this tutorial I will be using:

  • Suede leather. Mine’s from an old jacket.
  • Unsoldered link chain. I believe using a chain that lays flat works the best. You will need quite a lot of chain.
  • Hole punch. Yeah! Freakin’ love that thing!
  • Plier.
  • Button. For the closure.
  • And not pictured above; Super glue. I use E6000.

I cut out the piece I wanted to use as the bracelet base.
cut out base

Mine’s around an inch/2.5 cm wide. The base needs to be sturdy, so don’t make it too wide! Deciding the length can be a little tricky with the closure we are going to use. You have to do the trial and error thing here…

Fold it like this and glue it together.

The parts I used to make the closure.
closure parts
Basically just two loops with a button attached to one of them. Very basic. I folded and glued the suede loops in half. Like I said deciding the length is tricky! You will need to finish the base before wrapping the chain. The chain will make the base a little thicker, so leave some room for the chain when deciding how long you want the bracelet to be.

Tip: When I tried to determine how long I should make the the closure I used hair pins to pin the loops to the base and that made me able to try it out on my wrist.

The button loop glued onto the base.
button closure

The finished base ready for the chain!
finished base
As you can see, I decided to glue an additional layer of suede on to the back. The chain is quite heavy and like I said, the base must be sturdy to hold up.

Punch a small hole at one of the end sides.
hole punch
Attach the chain by opening the end link with a plier and put it through the hole.
attach chain

Close with plier, and start wrapping!
wrapping chain
Wrap tight, but not too tight…

When you’re finished wrapping the chain around the base, punch a hole where the chain finishes, attach chain through hole and close it up.
close up
I put some glue on the first row of chain on each side of the bracelet to secure it and to make sure the chain wouldn’t slid off while wearing it.

Yep. That’s about it. Here it is on:




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  4. This is inspiring! I can think of ways to make this different, yet just as nice (I’m hoping). Don’t have a blog or anything; just like making stuff I can use, for myself or to give away. Great work!

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