Cat Ears Headband – Last Minute Halloween DIY + Printable Pattern

halloween cat ears head band diy free pattern

Another tutorial using scraps!

Supplies used in this tutorial include:

  • Plastic headband. Mine is white, but a color that is close to the color of the ears you’re making is the best.
  • Mod Podge or something similar. I am once again using that glue/varnish mix I found at Panduro here in Sweden.
  • Old gift box paper.
  • Scrap Fabric.
  • Black tape. I think it’s called cord tape.
  • Pattern for cat ears. Download the printable pattern below.


This is the pattern I made for the ears.
cat ears pattern preview Download it here. It should be printed onto A4 pattern.

Print out the pattern, trace and cut out the ears from the sturdier gift box paper.

Lightly fold the ears about half way up to the tip.
fold half

Decide where you want the ears on the headband and tape them to the band like I did in the picture below.
cat ears halloween diy construction

Continue taping until the ears are fasten securely onto the headband.
cat ears diy construction 2

Since my headband was white I had to continue wrapping the tape until the entire headband was covered.
construction cat ears headband

Cut out the fabric you want for the back of the ears.
cat ears fabric headband mod podge

Glue on the fabric with mode podge. Let it dry for a while.
mod podge cat ears diy
cat ears diy tutorial let dry

Trim the edges, fold over to the front and glue them in place.
cat ears diy pattern headband

Glue on the front fabric and cut off all the excess fabric.
last fabric front cat ear diy

The cat ear headband is done!
cat ears halloween diy tutorial free printable pattern

cat ears for halloween diy guide front

cat ears halloween diy tutorial craft blog fashion pattern

Here are two other easy cat ear DIYs to try:

The Coveted – Shoulder Pad Cat Ears– The Coveted used shoulder pads to make ears, clever and simple!

Tally’s Treasury – Quick Felt Cat Ears  – Super duper cute and easy felt cat ears from Tally’s treasury.


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  1. Have to say they look really nice and my daughter had a lot of funt making them with me. Because she loves pink (not very surprising fact) we added pink bow in the middle. Thanks again.

    • You are correct, not sure how I didn’t know that since that is exactly what it’s called in Swedish as well. Haha..

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  7. I’m having a cat ear emergency this morning! It’s 11:45 and his play is at 2:15! Thanks for the template!!!