Boat Neck Top

easy diy top chiffon tutorial

This top is great if you’re a beginner at sewing or just lazy like I am.

I used a chiffon fabric (c/o wholeport). This fabric was great for this top as it isn’t the usual flimsy kind of chiffon and due to the busy pattern it’s not that see through. The pattern I used also leaves room for some customization so I decided to add some details in black chiffon to make the top more interesting.

This top is constructed from 4 rectangles. The measurements below are mine, I am a European size 36 (borderline 38) and 175 cm (5’9) tall so a little adjustment may be required, especially the wideness of the back and front if your size is very different to mine. The sleeves should be OK though as they’re already pretty big and are supposed to be over-sized. The length of the top should be OK on most people too since I’m pretty tall.


These are two of my pieces (ignore the black chiffon piece, I used it around the collar and it’s not needed to make the top)

top pieces pattern

Sew the back and front together and make sure you can stick your head through at the top ;)



When the sleeves are attached all you have to do is stitch the edges and the top is done!

sleeves on top

Some details on the black chiffon I added to my top.

rushed collar

black inlay

black collar top

chiffon top diy tutorial


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