Berry Explosion Polymer Clay Necklace

polymer clay berry tutorial

raspberry cloudberry blackberry necklace

I feel like I’ve mentioned this a million times already, but some years ago I ran a Etsy shop where I sold polymer clay jewelry. I got bored with it after a while and when sales declined I decided to quit. But now I am slowly getting back to making things with clay. It’s so much more fun when you can do things because you WANT to, not just because you HAVE to.

clay colors for necklace

My absolute favourite thing to make with clay are all sorts of berries and fruit. For his necklace I decided to go with raspberries, cloudberries and blackberries.

This is how I make berries.

For the raspberries I used a fuchsia pink, some red, white and translucent (not necessary) fimo clay.

fimo clay

The raspberry consists of a sort of cone shaped base and lots of smaller clay balls. Don’t make them all the same size, and it’s not necessary for them to be even either. When I made food miniatures with clay I found that making stuff just a little wonky and uneven made things look more natural!

polymer clay raspberry tutorial 1

I always start to build the raspberry from the bottom and then circling the base, adding the balls all the way to the top.

polymer clay raspberry tutorial 2

The leaves can be a little tricky to add, but by using a needle and taking things slow it works!

For one raspberry I make five little leaf shapes. Then I add them to the top of my raspberry. Using a needle I add details to make them look more real.

polymer clay raspberry leaves tutorial

I also add a small stem to the top.

stem raspberry

Next to the stem I push down a small eyepin to make a charm. The eyepin will not hold if you just push it in a leave it like that. There are two options to make sure it doesn’t fall out:

Take it out after you’ve baked the charm and glue it back on.

Or, like I do with mine, take some clay on a needle and smear it on in the centre of the eyepin (the area the arrow points to in the photo below). This technique holds up REALLY well.

clay on pin

When the charms have all been baked I like to put on some varnish. Note that varnish made for polymer clay is a must! Nail polish and regular varnish will react weird with the clay!


polymer clay necklace diy

diy fimo clay necklace tutorial


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