Beach Glass Mosaic Lantern

beach glass lantern diy

beach glass candle holder diy

It’s September and fall is officially here. We’ve had a great summer in Sweden this year but the weather is definitely getting chillier now. To brighten up the darker days I decided to make a mosaic lantern with the beach glass I collected in the Azores.

For this tutorial I used: Grout, Candle holder from Ikea, glue that works on glass and of course, the beach glass :)

lantern supplies

I glued on the glass to the light holder. The glue I used was a little too runny and didn’t dry as fast as I wanted it to. I definitely recommend using a glue that dries quickly for this kind of thing.

adding glass glue

Anyway, when I was done, I let it dry over night.

let dry glass mosaic

I mixed the grout in a old hair mask plastic container.

mixing grout for mosaic

grout mix

Added the grout generously over the surface.

adding grout

And after that, and not pictured here, is the step where I evened out the grout with a spatula. Too much stuff going on at that point for me to be able take a photo of it, haha.

I let the grout set for a while, maybe like 20 minutes, before I wiped off the glass mosaic with a wet sponge. I did this several times to get the grout off of the beach glass.

wipe off with sponge

And that’s about it. The grout dried really fast after that last step.

I think the lantern turned out really great. I had my doubts about this project but it was easier than I expected it to be. I also never expected my camera to actually capture detail shots in the dark (first time that has ever happened). Looks like I even caught one of those little “orbs” in that dark photo up at the top of the post (in the top left corner). You know, the kind of orb that ghost hunter shows would think is a “spirit” but it’s actually just some shit on the camera lens.

inside of glass lantern

mosaic votive holder


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