Amazing Movie Recommendation and a Skirt Lamp Cover DIY

lamp cover diy

Yeah, so that up there is the lamp cover I did using the grey skirt I showed you in my last post. I will get to it in minute, but first I need to talk to you about something completely unrelated.

Have you ever seen the movie A House in the Hills?

I did. Last night. And it was fabulous. So fabulously stupid that it was almost good.

I randomly found it on Youtube and liked the name. I am a sucker for architecture and I spend a lot of time looking at real estate sites, especially in the Hollywood Hills. So of course I thought “Damn, this is going to be a film for me!”
I was uhm, slightly, disappointed. Had it not been for the unintentionally funny dialogue I would have turned it off after about 5 minutes.
Actually, I think it could have the weirdest dialogues in a movie ever. Here is my favorite:

a house in the hills dialouge nightmare 1

a house in the hills dialouge nightmare 2

a house in the hills dialouge nightmare 3

a house in the hills dialouge nightmare 4

The second strangest part of the whole thing is the brain dead actions of the characters (tried to flee/walk through an obviously closed glass door and got knocked out for like an hour? Check 22 min and 10 sec into the movie to see this amazing thing happen) and the lame-ass fights (gets knife slapped out of hand by kitchen towel, it happens right before the glass door thing). Now when I think about it, the weak-looking fight/struggle scenes could just be very realistic portraits of how things like that would go down in real life. So I guess that is a good thing, although they are super-lame to watch.

Another thing that I found amusing/disturbing was that the female lead character (played by Helen Slater) looked EXACTLY how I envisioned Nancy Drew when I read those books as a kid. Seeing her doing it in a greenhouse with Michael Madsen was both traumatizing and hot. Not sure how to process that. But I am sure of one thing – I will never unsee it and the Nancy Drew Mystery Files will never be the same again.

Ok, back to the DIY!

This is the lamp shade I am covering up.

lamp cover

This is how it looked after I did my first lamp shade cover DIY.

lamp shade cover sewing diy

As you know I talked about making this skirt into a lamp cover. It was easier to do than I thought it would be!

using a skirt for lamp shade cover diy tutorial on

First I had to make sure that the skirt was long enough to cover the lamp shade. And it fit perfectly!

skirt on lamp

The skirt had two layers, a tulle-type of fabric and a thin jersey. I took the skirt apart and made them into covers separately.

two layered tulle skirt with jersey underskirt


I made casings for the elastic band at the top and bottom (just above the frill at the bottom of the tulle piece) of both pieces.

casing for elastic bands

casing elastic band

The first cover on the lamp.

first layer cover lamp shade

And then the outer layer on top of it!

To make sure the elastic band would stay in place I tied it and then stitched it a couple of times in the knot.

outer cover lamp shade diy make your own


lamp cover diy what do do with old skirt tutorial shade

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