Abstract Embroidery Pillow

DIY Scrap Fabric Pillow

I had (have) a lot of fabric scraps and decided to DIY something with them.

So I made this pillow that has a front embroidered with various types of scraps. The rest of the pillow is made from the same thick wool that I used in a jacket last spring.

I used jute cloth as a base.


And this is how I embroidered on it!

You’ll need strips of fabric (about 1 cm wide) a needle and threads that match the colors of the fabric strips.

Take a fabric strip and fasten one of the ends to the jute cloth.

fabric embroidery tutorial 1

Twist the fabric strip between your fingers.

fabric embroidery tutorial 2

Sew the strip while you continue to twist and shape it into whatever pattern you want.

fabric embroidery tutorial 3

fabric embroidery tutorial 4

And that’s it. Continue until you think you’re done ;)

I initially wanted to make a certain pattern and thought of drawing it up n my jute cloth, but that would’ve just been too tedious to work with and I love free stylin’ stuff like this. It’s aaaaart! It’s supposed to abstract! Yaaargghh!

It took some time to complete but It was fun to see my embroidery fill up the canvas, one little strip at a time.

embroidery 1

embroidery 2

embroidery 3

The finished embroidery reminds me of something, but I can’t figure out what it is.

embroidery 4

It’s a bit hard to work with jute cloth without it turning into a weird wonky mess, but the solution to that problem here is to dampen the embroidery after it’s finished and then shape and press it flat with an iron. I pressed mine under a kitchen towel to prevent the iron from burning the fabric.

You can sort of tell from from this photo of the back how the jute has bubbled up in some places.

iron 1

I pressed it until it was dry.

iron 2

After it was flat I also decided to iron on some interfacing to the back. It will definitely keep its shape now!

iron 3

After ironing I sewed on the wool fabric. As the embroidery got pretty stiff with the interfacing and pressing I decided that it was best to frame it, it looks best when kept flat. Having it scrunch up at the corners of the pillow probably wouldn’t have been a good look.

close up 1

close up 2

I love projects like this. I always feel so excited when I manage to use trash and turn it into something new! I guess It’s my cheap that’s showing. Heeh…

Now I am off to buy yellow paint. It’s for a chair my parents had in their first home together in the early 1970’s. It’s in it’s original red color now, and I intended to keep it that way. But now I’ve found that the color, for some very strange reason, have begun to bleed on everything. Yesterday I had it standing on my brand new white shag rug and now there’s a red stain on it! The chair’s been in storage for decades and I decided to use it in the new apartment at my desk, so maybe it’s freaking out because of the sudden temperature change?

Anyway, I need to sand it down and give it a new coat of paint. I’m thinking sunny yellow.


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