A Skirt to Go with the Top

remake outfit top and skirt diy

I used this dress to make the skirt for the top I made in my last post. It has these little ribbons underneath the bottom of the dress that you can tie up and get a bubble effect at the hemline (compare with the top photo).


I cut off the top seam and shoulder straps.

top seam and shoulder straps

Added a belt.

belt 2

belt 3

And a zipper (not my best zipper work, very hard to get it right!). I will also have to add some type of other closure here. Probably a hook.


Hey, guess where I got the fabric for the belt?

1998 witch hat

It’s from the witch hat I’m wearing in this photo from 1998. I’m the weirdo with the Adidas jacket… RECYCLING!!!

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