3 DIY Scrap Scarves

scrap fabric scarves diy tutorial

I’ve always had a hard time throwing away scrap pieces of fabric. I recently had to clean out my scrap stash because, honestly, things were getting a little bit ridiculous in there. I have decided that from now on, I will only save larger scraps that I CAN use, and, ACTUALLY use them within a reasonable time frame.

I got started on the “actually use what I save”-part right away. The pom-pom scarf is from last fall, I just never showed it on the blog before, but the other two are new and all of them are made from scraps.

The black and plum colored pactwork scarf is made from scrap wool and fleece fabric. The plum/maroon wool was used in this short jacket that I made earlier this year.

wool scrap fabric pieces

I cut out some uneven shapes from the fabric scraps and zig zag-stiched them in a patchwork pattern.

wool patchwork scarf

The plush/fake fur scarf is made from some lining I took from a jacket and a heart shaped bag I used for school circa 1998-1999. Remember those plush bags? I also had one shaped as Maggie Simpson’s head and looked forever for a Shaun the Sheep backpack. Luckily (?) I never found one to buy.
plush faux fake fur fabric textile

I just cut out as many even pieces I could from the plush fabric and them sewed those pieces together to make a double sided scarf. I think I will use a brooch to pin it when I wear it.

sew plush fabric

The pom-pom scarf is made from scrap black wool and yarn left overs. I just put the yarn pom-poms evenly around one side of the scarf and that was it.

pom pom scarf

Speaking of pom-poms, have you seen these patterns for flower and animal pom-poms over at Mr Printables? So freakin amazing!

Mr Printables  Aniaml and Flower Pom Pom DIY

Read the flower pom poms tutorial first to learn the basic design before moving on to the animal pom pom DIY.

Wouldn’t it be super cute to make a little kid’s scarf out of some colorful fabric and then line the entire thing with animal pom-poms? :D


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