19th Century Chair Restoration DIY – Part 3 – Finally DONE!

19th cenury chair restoration upholstery renovation diy black rococo

Check out Part 1 and Part 2.

If you saw my latest post on this chair you probably noticed that I changed my mind about the fabric. Instead of the velvet I decided to go a much better fabric a few weeks ago. It is a upholstery fabric and it looks so much better than the previous fabric!

I also found a great ribbon for the chair. This is how I attached it.

ribbon chair 19th century upholstery restoration

I knew using glue for this was out of the question. I am actually not sure, but I think most ribbons on chairs like this one are attached with small nails. The problem with that is that you do not want the nails to be visible.

I managed to make the nails invisible by sneaking them in from the sides and hide them within the ribbon.
nails from the sides

Do you see the little nail in there somewhere? I hope not.
nails hidden under ribbon invisible nails

The hardest part to get the ribbon around is the base of the chair’s back. Again, I am not sure how this is done correctly, but I solved it by folding the ribbon and sewing a few stitches.
back part chair restoration

back part 2


19th century rococo chair rhow to restore diy new seating

new upholstery restoration rococo vintage antique

Very happy with the result!
chair rococo upholstery renovation fabric diy antique

rococo antiques renovation tutorial

antique hair old renovation

old chair new fabric seating cushion



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