Wrapped Yarn Christmas Tree DIY

yarn tree diy 1

I’ve seen this DIY on other blogs and sites and decided to give it a go.
Other tutorials have used styrofoam cones to get the tree shape, but those cones are damn expensive where I live and I really didn’t want this DIY to cost anything. Maybe you already guessed it, but all scraps are my thing…

I used an assortment of green scrap yarn, a magazine, tape and a plastic bag to make my cone, needles to wrap the yarn around, glue, a plastic container to mix the water and glue solution and some plastic hearts to decorate my tree with.

yarn tree diy

I made the cone using the magazine.

yarn tree diy 2

yarn tree diy 3

When I finally had a cone shape I was happy with, I filled up the cone with the paper that was left of the magazine. Not sure if the cone would’ve hold up otherwise. I covered the entire thing with plastic from a plastic bag and made sure everything was secured.

yarn tree diy 4

I put the needles evenly around the cone.

yarn tree diy 5

I cut strings from the yarn and soaked them in the water and glue mix. I used left-over glue for this, every type of craft glue should work.

yarn tree diy 6

I wrapped the wet strings around the tree. This took a while and got quite messy, but it was also a lot of fun!

yarn tree diy 7

I ran out of yarn right when I was beginning to feel that my tree was done. I went over it a couple of times with the glue mix and a paint brush just to make sure it would harden evenly and hold up once I removed the cone.

After I let it dry overnight I removed the cone. I decided to cut off some of the yarn from the bottom to adjust the tree (It had  a Leaning Tower of Pisa feel to it, lol) and to make it look nice. I added the heart decorations with my glue gun and my tree was finished! Yay!

yarn tree diy 8

Mirror Glass Lantern

mirror glass lantern 1

This is a DIY lantern I made using a ceramic tea light holder, broken mirror glass, black grout and super glue.

mirror glass lantern 3

I’d say the weirdest part of this DIY was to smash the glass. I used an old mirror with thin glass and smashed it in a plastic bag with a hammer against concrete flooring. The glass shards get super sharp and you’ll have to pick out the larger ones from millions of smaller bits, so be very careful If you decide to try this!

When I finally had a satisfying amount of glass pieces I glued them onto this ceramic tea light holder that I bought at a thrift store. I used super glue for this.

mirror glass lantern 4

mirror glass lantern 5

I let the glue dry for a couple of days before adding the black grout. I used regular black tile grout and mixed it with water in a small plastic bowl. I find that the grout sticks the best when the mass is smooth, just on the verge of being runny.

mirror glass lantern 6

I’ve been making lanterns using grout before (check out my beach glass lantern and my seed beads lanterns) and have learnt that you get the best result if you are generous with the grout when you spread it out over the surface.

mirror glass lantern 7

mirror glass lantern 8

I let the grout dry for about 20 minutes, and then I started to smooth it out with a wet kitchen sponge. Adding water to the surface helps the grout harden and cleans off the mirror glass.

mirror glass lantern 10

After this step I let the grout dry for about a day.

mirror glass lantern 11

I then added the outer layer of grout. This was a bit harder to get on, I had to repeat the following steps a couple of times to cover the entire surface.

mirror glass lantern 12

mirror glass lantern 13

I looked really cool once finished though!

mirror glass lantern 2

Starburst Mirror DIY

starburst mirror diy

Ah, cheap ass crafts. My favorite thing to spend my free time with!

For this thing I used a paper box, newspaper, hot glue gun, paper glue stick, knitting needle, an old mirror coaster, white acrylic paint, gold paint and some varnish.

starburst mirror diy 1

I cut out a shape I liked from the box.

starburst mirror diy 2

I decided to frame the mirror using another layer of the box around it.

starburst mirror diy 3

I glued on the mirror to the first layer and then added the second layer on top of it.

starburst mirror diy 4

After that I remembered that I would probably need some sort of hooks at the back if I wanted to be able to hang the mirror once finished. I punched a hole though the two layers using a large needle and added small steel wire hooks.

starburst mirror diy 5

For the starbursts I used rolled paper. Check out this tutorial to see how I made them (no angle in mine just straight strips of paper).

starburst mirror diy 6

I cut the paper rolls into different lengths and added them to the four sections around the mirror.

starburst mirror diy 7

I easily could have kept this unpainted, it looks pretty cool with the newspaper rolls visible, but I decided to stick with my plan and paint it gold.

starburst mirror diy 8

To really get the gold to pop out, I used white acylic paint for the first layer.

starburst mirror diy 9

And then added about three layers of gold paint.

starburst mirror diy 10

Not bad for an ice cream box, a free local newspaper, an old mirror coaster and some paint.

starburst mirror diy 11

starburst mirror diy 12