Living Room / Bedroom

strandmon sofa

Besides having about 10 layers of old wallpaper on the walls, this room did not need that much work. And when I say not much work I mean two full weeks of peeling wallpaper, prepping and painting.

room kitchen

bed nook

steaming wallpaper

prepping walls

painting walls

The oak hardwood floor is just a few years old and look great. It was a bit dirty, but some careful scrubbing with a kitchen sponge and dishwashing detergent fixed it.

Ikea’s 3-seat Strandmon sofa is just perfect, I absolutely love the design, and its small size is great for my tiny little apartment. The chair will have to go though, it’s damaging the floor. Had to buy a Billy bookcase to store my books.

livingroom spfa bookcase

This is the bed nook. I was thinking about getting some type of room divider to hide the bed, but I’m leaning towards keeping this space open. As long as I keep it neat in there it shouldn’t be a problem. The drawer is a Koppang from IKEA.
IKEA this and IKEA that, I feel like I have just about used up my IKEA quota now. No more IKEA for me.

bed drawer chair

koppand ikea drawer

This, however is going to be a problem. HOW am I going to hide this without having to buy some ugly media storage thing?

media problem

The Entry Room

The apartment came with its original 1950’s wardrobe in the entry room. Saving it would’ve been the best, but no. It was not really clean (and the idea of putting all my clothes in there made me cringe), and too small. It had to go. I saved the doors though, I think I can make a desk out of one of them.

entry way before

It took me a very long time to tear them out. 1950’s wardrobes like this are so sturdy and well made. Actually everything original in Swedish apartments from this time period is well made. In the late 40’s, after the end of the war, some serious research were made in Sweden to build better homes. I will write more about this later when I show you the kitchen. It’s really interesting!

wardrobe 1

wardrobe 2

In both the entry room and kitchen the previous owner had put in laminate flooring. The problem with it was that it was loose. You basically tripped on the floor if you tried walking on it. I tore it out and in the entry room I also tore away the vinyl flooring under it.

laminate flooring

So, I was left with a completely bare room. And a really scary pipe thing that was exposed when the wardrobe came down!

unpainted ceiling

concrete floor unpainted

The baseboards were also a pain to get rid off. Had to use the crowbar again.

baseboards before

The biggest problem about using violence to get rid of baseboards is that big chunks of wall comes out with them. Had to fix it with some putty powder that I mixed in an old ice cream container (very professional).

baseboard gone

mixing renovation putty

Fixed the holes in the concrete floor with the same putty.

putty 2

Some spackling paste on top of that plus some serious sanding made everything smooth.

spackling paste

Fixed and painted the ceiling.

painted ceiling

And then,it was time to tackle the walls!

At first I was thinking a soft lavender shade in here, and then I thought maybe watermelon would be cool. In the store I was just not feeling the latter, I even though it was too much. I’m not sure how it happened, but ten minutes later I was walking out with this shockingly pink flamingo one instead. It’s a slap-in-the-face kind of color. I love it. I mean, I own this apartment, might as well just make one room look crazy!

fifty shades of flamingo

flamingo entry room

I had the intention to install hardwood floors in the enrty, but then one of my friends commented that my bare concrete floor was “Very New York” and that got me thinking. I’m not sure if its a thing over there to have bare disgusting concrete floors in your home, but in the end I decided that keeping the concrete could be interesting. I cleaned and painted it white with concrete paint.

white painted concrete floor

Aside from the fact that my entry room walls now has the exact same shade as my Barbie doll’s house circa 1992, it’s actually very nice color. If you like pink, that is…

Next step is to cover the pipe and install some other type of storage.

Forget Everything I Said!

I’ve decided to keep my blog in English. I realised that while my English is quite bad, my Swedish is even worse. Not sure what’s up with that, totally confusing and weird. So, BLOG STAYS.

Prepare for some crazy renovation posts in a couple of days. I’ve been living in a complete haze this past month. Turns out it’s really hard to have a physically exhausting job and doing a renovation at the same time. Who knew!

I completely blame this questionable choice of color on exhaustion:

flamingo color

Just kidding, that’s actually my favorite color… EVER.


My new blog is not ready yet, but I just have to post an update on my apartment. Today I ripped out the paneled ceiling in the kitchen and a wardrobe.

The ceiling in the kitchen was pretty awful, WHY would anyone ever add panels like this?

panels ceiling

Oh, I guess this is why:

panel off

So, someone spent a substantial amount of time adding the panels, and some seriously over-ambitious support beams (WHYYYY!!!) to hold everything up, instead of just fixing the damages to the ceiling, paint it and call it a day. Not only did the panels make the ceiling SO much lower, they also screwed up the lightning fixture and I have no idea what I should do to fix it. I will probably have to call an electrician. :(

My plan is to do a complete kitchen renovation in the future. The cabinets are supposed to go all the way up to the ceiling, as you can tell by the damage in the ceiling.

The wardrobe was original to the apartment though and built to sustain a nuclear blast. I spent the entire afternoon trying to rip through it with a crowbar.

wardrobe demo 1

wardrobe demo 2

It’s pretty sad that I decided to rip it out. My history of architecture professors would probably kill me if they knew, but it was just a bit too dirty for me to be able to put my clothes in there. I probably wouldn’t have been able to fit all my stuff in there either. It had to go. One of the doors will be my new desk though! Pretty excited about that project…

Oh, and I found this behind the wardrobe:


Not that fun, I will have to hide it somehow and build my closet around it.

Can’t believe the amount of crap that has accumulated in just five days. WHAT AM I DOING. HELP! There are MOUNTAINS of wallpaper in there too! I think I’ve steamed off eight or nine layers…

much stuff