The Curtain Dress – Part 1

dress from a curtain

Ok, so sewing with a dressform is pretty awesome! It’s more like sculpting, and I like that. Plus, not having to wear your project while trying to pin it is quite liberating.

Pinning the fabric to the dressfrom before you cut anything too see how it will look is fun. This is what I’m going for.


I completed the bust today. I used the padding from a bra to get some extra thickness in the front. I think I will also add some boning on the sides to ensure that this dress stays in place. Involuntary flashing in public is never fun. I will however cover it up some more with the fabric from the lace curtain (as seen in the top photo) and make a dress to wear on top of this one. I’m not brave enough to wear anything strapless, hah! But, It could happen that I make some detachable halter neck straps so that I can wear it with straps if I want to. We’ll see what happens!

I made a pattern for the bust and it went surprisingly well!

bust pattern

I don’t think I have to go into any particular details, the following photos are pretty much self explanatory.

bust 1

pinned bust

bust 3

bust 2

bust 4

bust 5

bust done

Everything in this dress will be re-used materials. I had to buy new thread and I may have to buy a zipper, but that’s it.

Stay tuned for part 2.

This Pillow Used to Be Pants

diy jeans pillow

I’m back guys! :D

I wore these pants in 1999. I saved them because I knew that I’d use the fabric someday.

pants fabric from the 90s

Today, I made a pillow. I used the backside of the fabric because it’s actually prettier than the front.

I had to make the pillow in four parts on each side since the pant legs were too small to make the front and back in just two pieces. This happens a lot when you recycle stuff. The key is to hide it and make it look like it was supposed to turn out like that.

pillow construction

diagonal front

I will be back in a few days with another update. In the move I saved these 80′s curtains from being thrown out. I ordered a dressform last night and I think this is going to be the first thing I do with it.

1980s curtain about to be given new life

Can’t you just imagine these awful frilly curtains as a dress? I can! The color is SO 80′s but I think it could work.

Hot Glue Gun Necklace

glue gun necklace

After discovering some awesome tutorials on glue gun crafts I decided to try making a necklace. I am not 100% satisfied with the result. The lines of glue turned out a little bit wonky and bubbly, but, my hands are shaky and my glue gun was cheap so honestly, I wasn’t expecting a better result. I like the design I made though, and just imagine this necklace with perfect straight lines – It would look damn cool!

I used the exact same technique as used in this Glue Gun Masquerade Mask Tutorial video on youtube. Check it out! It’s really cool!

To make this necklace you’ll need: A glue gun and some glue sticks, tulle fabric, plastic wrap (not pictured) and a necklace template. You can download the one I did here. Fit and print onto A4 paper, you should be able to tell by the size of it (cut it out and try around the neck) if it printed the right size or not :)

supplies needed

I laid out the template (1st layer, bottom), plastic wrap (2nd, middle) and tulle fabric (3rd, top) on top of each other. I secured the layers to the table with tape.


Then I tried to glue straight lines with my glue gun and failed pretty hard, BUT! I did manage to glue the entire template without burning any fingers!

glue necklace

This is how it looked finished.

glued necklace

I carefully removed the necklace from the plastic wrap. Trimmed off the excess tulle (and some of the plastic wrap too as it tends to melt a bit from the heat), spray painted and added a closure. If you use my template to make a necklace you will need a short chain, some jump rings and a clasp for this. Also make sure you make little loops with the glue where yo can attach the chain to the necklace.

peel off necklace

chain 1

chain 2

glue necklace front

necklace back

I also have some news. I don’t think I have ever mentioned this on the blog before, because it makes me depressed, but I live with my parents. I’ve been saving up money to buy my own place for several years and I am actually at a point now when it’s possible to do so. The problem is that most apartments, even studios, are really REALLY expensive. And they’re few, very, very few. Which means bidding wars. And bidding wars equal expensive beyond reason.
I had a really good shot at getting this wonderful all original details 60′s studio a couple of weeks ago, but chickened out when the price went up a little too far. I regret not bidding one more time though and I am quite sure I would have gotten it if I had done so. I would have gone bankrupt, but at least I would have had a place to call my own.
I am also have this weird longing to live in the country. For some odd reason I want to chop wood (WHAT), I want to compost things, I want to grow my own food. I often find myself collecting stuff that would look cool in a cabin in the woods. It’s weird but I really feel like there’s something in the country that I need to do. I AM SO CONFUSED. But, I have always been a lover of trees and nature, so I guess it has finally caught up on me.

To make things worse (there’s always something that make things worse), work has been crazy and my parent’s apartment is getting renovated (completely gutted) so, the landlord have decided that we need to move. My plan was to get out of here before this happened, but now I have no other choice but to move with my parents and I’ve never been less enthusiastic about anything ever. I think we have 56 boxes at this point and we haven’t even begun packing any books! HELP!

So, that explains why I haven’t updated my blog in a month.
With the move and no internet in the new apartment for a few days the blog will take a break again and I will be back when things get a little better and more manageable. See you then!

Vintage Cross-stitch Pillows

vintage cross stitch pillows diy

I made two vintage cross-stitch needlework embroideries into pillows, and I love them. I really like cross-stitch works like these two, they’re so campy, kitschy and colorful. Can’t decide which one I like the most… I think I want to live in the one with the cabin. I want a little house by the lake like that!

half cross stitch embroidery in wool

Because of said kitsch, It was quite hard to choose the right fabrics to go with them, I didn’t want anything that would be over the top. I used the color swatches on the embroideries to see what colors I could go with.


Hunting down the right shades was quite a challenge! I finally decided on a moss green Manchester (corduroy) and some icy blue upholstery fabric.


I made a very simple patchwork design framing the embroidery.

emrboidery patchwork pillow case

I almost bought too little fabric, so I had to do some patchwork on the back too, haha. But it looks like it’s supposed to look like that, right?

pillow zipper on back

The pillow cases have zipper closures.


counted-thread embroidery pillow cases

half cross stitch embroidery pillow

Another way to go about using counted-thread needle works in pillows is to make a sort of patchwork pattern consisting of only embroideries. I found these at Swedish


Even though the site is in Swedish, be sure to browse around and check out their other works, especially the furniture. SO cool.

Swedish blogger Kreativa Björnskog also makes stuff using vintage embroidery. This ottoman is all sorts of amazing!

kreativa bjornskog